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How repeatedly have the questions coming up in our minds looked as if it would stay unanswerable? How frequently have we repeated those inquiries to those who additionally didn't recognize the solutions? and the way again and again have they requested us questions that we additionally can't resolution? Lucas Leys provides one hundred and one tough questions besides direct solutions for every one. He bargains solutions which are good reasoned and balanced from a biblical and religious viewpoint in order that adolescents can deepen their religion. no matter if you're a formative years chief who must the best solutions to offer or looking for passable solutions, this ebook is for you.

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In addition, if we live aware of His presence, we can’t possibly wake up in the morning and not greet Him! Prayer creates hope and power. Talking to God warms our heart, and that is why when we go too long without speaking with Him the relationship gets cold. It’s the same as if you stopped speaking to your earthly mom and dad. You wouldn’t know what they were doing, what they were thinking, what they were feeling, and soon you would cease to understand them. Today everybody knows in order for interpersonal relationships to work there must be good communication.

Sometimes it’s not even a matter of different countries, but even from one church to the next there can be a world of difference. So I also recommend that you search the index for your own questions and go directly to them. However, I also suggest that later you check the answers to all the other questions that aren’t as important to you. You might be surprised. But enough about instructions. ) Here come the 101 … 1 BIBLE / THEOLOGY WHAT WE BELIEVE ABOUT GOD AND ABOUT THE BIBLE WILL DEFINE THE TYPE OF CHRISTIANITY THAT WE’LL BE ABLE TO ENJOY.

It’s difficult for me to study subjects that bore me. Do you think maybe school or college just isn’t for me? 76. How can I discover my spiritual gifts? SERVICE/CHURCH 77. My church is so boring. Why is it so important to go anyway? 78. What can I do when my church doesn’t ever let me serve? 79. Is it possible for God to use me in spite of my imperfections? 80. What is the true purpose of the Church? 81. Is it good for a Christian to care about the environment? 82. Why do some Christian leaders fall into sin?

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