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The Calcarenitic Member (about 25 m thick) consists of an irregular alternance of prevailing calcarenitic beds and conglomeratic beds. Textures of the wave-rippled cross-laminated calcarenites consist mainly of grainstones with intraclasts, abundant quartz grains, ooids ,fecal pellets and bioclasts. The conglomeratic beds include clasts of several lithologies: calcarenitic rudstones, quartz grains and cm-to dm-sized lithoclasts (mainly quartz sandstones and pelites from the Karoo substratum). These features are indicative of a shoreline environment, possibly shorefaces, within an inner ramp setting, and mark the onset of the marine transgression.

The Toarcian to Kimmeridgian condensed fissure-fillings preserved fossils of 17 rich faunas that contain species which were poorly represented elsewhere, in normal sea-bottom sediments. A prominent character of these fossil associations is the relative abundance of the gastropods. One family (Euomphalidae) of these was subject of detailed systematic analysis and the other species were listed (Wendt 1968, 1971). The present authors continue the systematic investigation of the listed material. The studied specimens belong to 240 gastropod species.

Elaphus (Merla), P. planinsigne (Vacek), P. tenuinsigne (Vacek), A. procerinsigne (Vacek), A. lorteti (Dumortier), P. klimakomphalum (Vacek); Erycitinae with four genera (Erycites, Abbasitoides, Spinammatoceras, Abbasites) with seven species (E. fallifax Arkell, E. intermedius (Hantken), E. partschi Prinz, A. modestus (Vacek), S. pugnax (Vacek), S. ); Leioceratinae with two genera (Leioceras, Ancolioceras) and three species (L. lineatum Buckman, L. 42 VI INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON THE JURASSIC SYSTEM, PALERMO 12-22 SEPTEMBER 2002 opalinum (Reinecke), A.

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