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ARE you prepared TO SCULPT YOUR ABS? Вы действительно готовы сваять Ваш пресс? Следуйте 7-недельной программе из этой книги и вы широкомасштабно увеличите силу и тонус вашего корсета, спины и косых мышц живота и сможете сделать three hundred последовательных подъемов корпуса. Книга наполнена четкими графиками и полезными фотографиями, 7 недель до three hundred подъемов расскажет вам все, что вам нужно знать об упражнениях для корпуса и включает в себя: • Инструкции, как выполнить идеальные подъемы • Понятные прогрессивные программы обучения • Добавлен вариант для экстремального укрепления Предлагая испытанные в полевых условиях, ежедневные планы и больше чем 30 основных упражнений, у этой книги есть кое-что для всех: от новичков, предпринимающих попытки перейти к новому режиму и до варианта атлетам, надеющимся еще больше укрепить свои силы.

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Really, no joke. Strengthening your core improves sitting and walking posture, and helps to prevent 49/326 injuries from squatting, sitting, twisting, jumping, walking... OK, you get the picture. Sit-Ups in the Military All branches of the military use sit-ups or crunches to gauge a cadet’s physical fitness. There are compelling reasons for this. First, sit-ups are one of the best ways of assessing core strength while they’re also one of the best ways to develop that strength. Sit-ups require you to lift about 50 percent of your bodyweight, utilizing a complete network of muscles and stabilizers working together throughout your abdomen, lower back, hips and legs.

Your weak back, poor posture or improper sit-up form are the problems, not the sit-ups. This program features more than two dozen different exercises performed in conjunction with situps to strengthen your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips, glutes, quads and hamstrings. Sit-up form is often misunderstood, and this confusion can lead to bad habits that can put undue emphasis on your hips, which in turn causes stress on the lower back. By themselves, sit-ups are no more dangerous for your back than any other bodyweight exercise done with improper form; some of these common culprits for lower back pain and injury are squats, deadlifts and good mornings.

A. There’s a long-standing myth that your core can be worked every day. Let’s take a moment and address that. When you place any muscle under repeated stress from lifting weights (time under tension) or repeated movement, microtears begin to form. These extremely small tears in the muscle fibers are actually a positive benefit of working out; when they heal, your muscles grow bigger and stronger. In order for muscles to properly recover, heal and grow, you should wait 48 hours before working out that same muscle group again.

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