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By Jon Klancher

A Concise spouse to the Romantic Age presents new views at the relationships among literature and tradition in Britain from 1780 to 1830

  • Provides unique essays from a number of multi-disciplinary students at the Romantic period
  • Includes clean insights into such issues as non secular controversy and politics, empire and nationalism, and the connection of Romanticism to modernist aesthetics
  • Ranges around the Romantic era's literary, visible, and non-fictional genres

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Reading 'La Regenta': Duplicitous discourse and the entropy of structure

Feedback of los angeles Regenta has till lately desirous about the text's plot as a very coherent and convincing fictional global. Stephanie A. Sieburth demonstrates that the units which produce order within the textual content are counterbalanced via an both robust tendency towards entropy of which means. The narrator is proven to be duplicitous and unreliable in his judgments on characters and occasions.

Coleridge, revision and romanticism : after the revolution, 1793-1818

The Romantic phenomenon of a number of texts has been formed by way of the hyperlink among revision and authorial motive. despite the fact that, what has been missed are the profound implications of a number of and contradictory types of an analogous textual content for a materialist procedure; utilizing the works of Coleridge as a case learn and the afterlife of the French Revolution because the major subject matter, this monograph lays out the technique for a extra special multi-layered research.

1798: The Year of the Lyrical Ballads

1798 is an important date in literary heritage: in that yr the Lyrical Ballads have been released anonymously by means of Joseph Cottle, the Bristol bookseller. yet it is a quantity no longer in regards to the Lyrical Ballads , yet approximately their 12 months. it's an try to re-create and think about the literary tradition of 1798, the tradition on which Wordsworth and Coleridge determined to make their 'experiment'.

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London: The Epworth Press. Hulme, T. E. (1936) “Romanticism and Classicism,” in Speculations, ed. Herbert Read (pp. 113– 40). London: Routledge. Jager, Colin. (2007) The Book of God: Secularization and Design in the Romantic Era. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press. Kirschner, S. R. (1996) The Religious and Romantic Origins of Psychoanalysis. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Macaulay, Thomas Babington (1830, 1831/1907) “Moore’s Life of Lord Byron” and “John Bunyan” in Critical and Historical Essays, vol.

Qxd 22/12/08 12:55 PM Page 30 Religion, Revolution, Romanticism of Byron’s supposed degeneracy, as “ridiculous” in “its periodical fits of morality”: Once in six or seven years our virtue becomes outrageous. We cannot suffer the laws of religion and decency to be violated. We must make a stand against vice. We must teach libertines that the English people appreciate the importance of domestic ties. Accordingly some unfortunate man, in no respect more depraved than hundreds whose offences have been treated with lenity, is singled out as an expiatory sacrifice.

Men decay” (Goldsmith 1770/1876: 12). Adapting Goldsmith’s line to their own age, and to the increasing progress underlying Britain’s rapid industrialization, many of the period’s greatest writers warned that economic progress and what was called “improvement” came with a very heavy social, cultural, and even psychospiritual price. qxd 22/12/08 12:54 PM Page 39 Saree Makdisi that, for all its material wealth, the age of steam engines and cotton mills was increasingly peopled by a race of people who were intellectually and spiritually impoverished, if not bankrupt altogether.

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