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A scholar Grammar of German is a useful reference advisor for undergraduates and different intermediate and complicated scholars. Written with the desires of the learner greatly in brain, it units out the grammar of the language in as transparent and jargon-free method as attainable. each one bankruptcy begins with an summary of the most grammatical terminology and ideas; those phrases also are cross-referenced within the word list on the finish of the booklet. to supply a visible consultant via each one bankruptcy, the details in each one part are highlighted, and tables summarise vital styles. 'Tip' packing containers, which support the scholar to grasp specific issues, are scattered throughout the textual content. each aspect has various illustrative examples, every one with its translation, rigorously selected from quite a lot of revealed and digital media - books, newspapers, magazines, movie, and chat-rooms - to mirror modern utilization throughout a number of registers.

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G. die Ankunft arrival die Auskunft information c There are a few other possible (but rare) feminine noun plurals . Add ¨ – only two feminine nouns: die Mutter (Mütter) and die Tochter (Töchter) . Add -(s)e: die Kenntnis (Kenntnisse) . 4 Neuter nouns a Most neuter nouns (about 75 per cent) add the plural ending -e das Boot – Boote boat das Haar – Haare hair Other examples: das Bein leg das Ding thing das Gebet prayer das Gedicht poem das Gefühl feeling das Geschäft shop, business das Geschenk present das Jahr year das Konzert concert das Paar pair das Paket packet, parcel das Pferd horse das Problem problem das Schaf sheep das Schiff ship das Spiel game das Tier animal das Ziel aim, destination 21 2 NOUNS Note Nouns ending in -is double the s before the e: das Ereignis – Ereignisse event das Gefängnis – Gefängnisse prison das Verhältnis – Verhaltnisse relation(-ship) b Most of the remainder add -er/–¨ er, with umlaut added if possible das Kind – Kinder child das Buch – Bücher book Other examples: das Bild picture das Blatt leaf das Dach roof das Dorf village das Ei egg das Fach subject das Gespenst ghost das Glas glass das Glied limb das Haus house das Lied song das Land country das Rad wheel das Schloss castle, palace c Neuter nouns ending in -el, -en, -er, like their masculine equivalents, and with those ending in -chen and -lein do not change in the plural This includes infinitives used as nouns, though most of these are not used in the plural.

Ich habe es eilig Ich finde es unfair, dass … Ich finde es nicht gut, dass du so viel Geld ausgegeben hast You’ve got it good here! 4 Pronouns used with prepositions . If the pronoun refers to a person or persons, use preposition + pronoun. 2 Reflexive pronouns . If the pronoun refers to a thing or things, use da(r)- + preposition. ) Note außer, gegenüber, ohne and seit cannot be used with da(r)- ; they are used with a pronoun. 1 Reflexive object pronouns . A reflexive object pronoun is used when the object refers to the same person as the subject.

7 Determiners and pronouns: a summary The table below summarises the use of determiners and pronouns, and provides cross-references between Chapter 3 (Determiners) and Chapter 4 (Pronouns). Mostly, these words decline in an identical way, and any variations concern their use rather than their form. 43 3 DETERMINERS . The reference is underlined if there is some variation in the way the two forms are declined; these variations are always minor, however. 7 4 Pronouns OVERVIEW Pronouns are words in place of a noun phrase which is known or understood.

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