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By John G. Scandalios, Theodore R.F. Wright, John G. Scandalios (Eds.)

This quantity in a chain on genetics, emphasizes the range of genetic experiences. Articles conceal the filamentous fungus neurospora, biogenesis of yeast ribosomes, evolutionary genetics of fish, drosophila transposable parts and the dropophila gene zeste.

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When pollen mixtures are applied to stigmas, some fairly complex interactions occur. For example, in 2. mays, when a mixture of pollen from lines C123 and RNY is used in pollinations, the tubes from C123 outcompete tubes from RNY; in RNY and WF9 pollen mixes, RNY tubes outcompete WF9 tubes. , 1975). This was logically interpreted as a n intergametophytic effect, but changes in competitive hierarchies may also indicate that different pollen gentoypes are limited by different characteristics (substances or conditions) within the style.

In these species, insect pollination and the presence of the style result in a selective mechanism which produces a high degree of competition between pollen grains. The insect pollination allows a large number of pollen grains to reach the stigma simultaneously, so that the effect of 42 ERCOLE OTTAVIANO AND DAVID L. MULCAHY variability of pollen germination time is reduced. The competition of several pollen tubes (fast growing) in the same style allows the fittest gametophyte (fast growing) to reach the ovule for fertilization.

MULCAHY plants (Marshall and Ellstrand, 1986). In the second category of stylar effects, significant interactions between style and pollen have been found. Pfahler (1967) found that the outcome of pollen tube competition was significantly influenced by stylar genotype, and, in raspberry, even though pollen genotype did not have a statistically significant effect on the number of pollen tubes per style, there were small but significant interactions between stylar and pollen genotypes (Jennings and Topham, 1971).

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