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By Gail Letzter, Kristin Lauter, Erin Chambers, Nancy Flournoy, Julia Elisenda Grigsby, Carla Martin, Kathleen Ryan, Konstantina Trivisa

Providing the most recent findings in issues from around the mathematical spectrum, this quantity comprises leads to natural arithmetic besides various new advances and novel purposes to different fields equivalent to chance, records, biology, and desktop technological know-how. All contributions function authors who attended the organization for girls in arithmetic learn Symposium in 2015: this convention, the 3rd in a chain of biennial meetings geared up via the organization, attracted over 330 individuals and showcased the study of girls mathematicians from academia, undefined, and government.

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L(k−1)k ] = [L01 ] ◦ . . ◦ [L(k −1)k ] in Mor Symp means by definition that the corresponding morphisms in Symp# are equivalent (L01 , . . , L(k−1)k ) ∼ (L01 , . . 2. Recall that this relation is generated by the geometric composition moves Comp ⊂ Mor Symp# × Mor Symp# , so that there is a sequence of moves from (L01 , . . , L(k−1)k ) to (L01 , . . , L(k −1)k ) in which adjacent pairs are replaced by their embedded geometric composition. Our definition of Cerf ⊂ RelSymp by moves on equivalence classes encoded by Comp translates this into a sequence of Cerf moves from [L01 ] ◦ .

In appropriate Banach space completions, one can also show that L (Yα ) is a Banach submanifold and coisotropic, hence, a Lagrangian submanifold of A (Σ)− × A (Σ ). ) 3. The analogous construction for the 1-handle attachment Yα− ∈ Mor Borconn 2+1 (Σ , Σ) yields the transposed Lagrangian L (Yα− ) := ˜ Σ , A| ˜ Σ | A˜ ∈ A (Yα− ), F ˜ = 0} = L (Yα )T . A| A 4. To check (φ∗ × φ∗ )(L (Yα )) = L (Yφ(α) ) for a diffeomorphism φ : Σ → Σ, recall that φ, φ are the boundary restrictions of a diffeomorphism φ : Yα → Yφ(α) .

6, more vigilance such as in [26, 27, 53] is required. 1 In order to construct a 2 + 1 connected Floer field theory Bor conn 2+1 → τ Cat, it suffices to construct a functor F : Bor conn 2+1 → Symp that preserves adjunctions. 2 by the following constructions. 24 K. Wehrheim 1. 4). 2. To a diffeomorphism φ : Σ0 → Σ1 associate a symplectomorphism Lφ : MΣ0 → MΣ1 such that Lφ ◦ Lψ = Lφ◦ψ (as maps) when φ, ψ are composable. (Σ, Σ ) between connected 3. 1 associate a Lagrangian submanifold Lα ⊂ MΣ− × MΣ (that is compact and τ -monotone).

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