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By Anthony B. Pinn, Allen Dwight Callahan

From aid for racial discrimination to justification for fight opposed to the established order, the biblical textual content and its key figures have performed a fashionable function within the improvement of spiritual discourse on urgent socio-political issues.  Slavery and endured discrimination got theological sanction during the previous testomony tale of Ham, yet what of his descendent Nimrod the hunter? African American spiritual existence and the tale of Nimrod interrogates the character and which means of the biblical determine Nimrod's legacy for the kids of Africa, laying off gentle on an exciting question:  for individuals of African descent is Nimrod well-known, or infamous? 

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However, this community-based act of freedom that moves beyond self-will is more difficult for Restraint as God in that it poses a threat to the very need for the divine as a unifying principle. Human maturation, as presented by Nimrod, entails the absorption of restraint, the recognition that restraint must issue from the inner self and be promoted by and for the self in relationship to community, and that it does not rightly issue from some external force. It is an act of bad faith— the belief that determinations should be surrendered to some external force.

While traditional interpretation has attempted to distinguish them and to project the religion of ancient Israel as the only viable alternative, traces of the religion of Nimrod remain, even in the canon as we know it. The question is whether these traces can become keys to unearthing heretofore hidden resources within the Bible, and whether or not these resources can be utilized in the articulation of a broader African American religious understanding. Implications of the Legend of Nimrod in Contemporary African American Experience The prevalent assessment of the figure of Nimrod in extrabiblical textual sources has been negative.

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