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The through repeated experience, will facilitate your task will seemeasier. work, and you will learn other little tricks as you go And it is so satisfying to play an instrument along. It will take three or four tries to get a good assembled with your own hands! The instrument O nce the skin is off, verify that there are no cracks in the wood. ) Check that the wood is not pock-marked with little holes. If you see a fine wooddust in the drum, an anti-termite treatment is imperative. If necessary, even out the upper edge of the djembe.

The djembe has three iron hoops (generally r made of cement rods), 6 or 8 mm in diameter (depending on the djembe's diameter). They are wrappedaroundthe drum barrel and then soldered. Two are tension hoops, a larger and a smaller one. It is on thesetwo tensionhoopsthat the knotsaretied to hold the lacing which tightens the skin. The third hoop is the support hoop. This supporthoop is the largestof the three, being slightly larger than the tension hoop which it supports. The two larger hoops are placed on the upper perimeter of the drum body.

It is given by the first djembe player. To stop the rhythm, the samesignal is . into a "signal to stop". To do this, one extra beat added,which canbe playedasa slapand For "Jansa", for example: Signal to stop Starting Signal )1- 11- 13EJ=: In some cases- "Dununba", for example - the stop signal is different from the start signal: Signal to stop Starting Signal 42- JANSA F rom the Kasonke ethnic group, originating the Kayes and Kita region of Mali. in The jansa is undoubtedly the most popular entertainment dance in Khasso.

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