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By Adrianne Lee

Dressed to the nines, murder cop Kerrie Muldoon was hoping to satisfy and arrest "Loverboy," a killer who was once assembly sufferers via own advertisements. So the final "blind date" Kerrie anticipated to satisfy was once Nick Diamond.

Or was once that truly his identify? Whoever he used to be, Nick--a.k.a. Roman Donnello--still possessed the allure that had pushed Kerrie into his fingers 3 years in the past, again whilst he used to be presumed in charge and her activity were staking him out--until he vanished.

Now with Loverboy circling nearer, may still she belief Nick to be what he swears he is--innocent--so she may possibly demonstrate her personal secrets--their dual daughters

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She took a long drink of tonic; Maybe he didn't plan to see her again after tonight. " "New to me. " "Not true," Cage said. Mike's boyish smile appeared. " Her stomach twisted with anticipation. Maybe they were closer to catchingLoverboy than even she had suspected. " Was this the ploy he'd used on WendyWaring and Leah Davis? " Cage was obviously thinking along the same lines as she. They could haveLoverboy behind bars tonight. "Sure," she said as much to Cage as to Mike She didn't feel one regret that she wouldn't be keeping her dinner date with Jeremy Dane.

Maybe if she was really quiet, he'd go away. She tiptoed backward ... and slammed againstGlynna's antique plant stand. Visions of the giant Boston fern smashing to the hardwood floor snapped her around. Too late. The resulting crash could have awakened the dead. Had the twins heard? Kerrie's throat constricted. Inanely she stared at the mess, torn between scooping it up and checking on her sleeping children. The doorbell pealed, instantly followed by Nick's voice. "Come on, Irish. Open the door.

She'd thought she'd been, but now that Cage brought it up, she realized she still had doubts. Had, Nick lied about being Roman? Faked the proof?. Stolen RomanDonnello's papers? Or did she just want him to be lying? Kerrie shook her head. " Maybe she just needed confirmation to finallyaCCept the truth and let go of the doubts. Maybe Nick Diamond was making a fool of her. "Why don't you do that? " Two hours later, she had her answer. Cage dropped a faxed photograph onto Kerrie's desk. "He's who he says he is all right.

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