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By Philip R. Davies, David J. A. Clines

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8 a 'hol y way ' whic h th e unclean wil l not pas s over , bu t i t i s als o on e i n whic h fools wil l no t err (liJrr) . 9), 1 fear and sighin g having passed away. 17-21 , thes e reversal s ar e se t withi n th e context of Yahweh' s vindication of Zion throug h his judgment o n th e foreign nation(s) . 17-2 4 centre s o n th e absenc e o f th e invade r from th e land, and falls within the general contex t o f Yahweh's salva tion o f Zio n throug h th e destructio n o f th e destroyer , whil e ch .

10-14 presents evidence that umesos appears in the text of Isa. 6 in the time of Trito-Isaiah , generall y ascribed to th e fifth century, an d establishes a majo r lin k in the overall structure of the final form o f the book. BIBLIOGRAPHY Barthc'lcmy, D. , et al. 1986 Critique textuelle de I'ancien testament. II. Isdie, Jeremie, Lamentations (Freiburg: Editions Universitaires; Gottingen: Vandenhoec k & Ruprecht) . M . 1986 'Isa . W . Va n Henten , e t al . ) . H. Lebram (Leiden : Brill) : 48-64.

B. 1-4 , 14-22. 5 , which momen tarily look s forwar d to the tim e whe n Yahweh woul d be a 'spiri t of justice' t o those responsibl e for discharging it . As against the present 1. Withi n chs . 22, where it is used of Israel defiling their idols. 2. Withi n chs . 13 , referring t o the divine assembly. 17 ; cf . T O DIT , v . 2), th e future kin g an d prince s wil l b e a shelte r fro m th e stor m (D~I T ~ino) , and wil l be lik e life-givin g waters (ova , v . 2). Henc e th e reversa l o f the motif i n 32.

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