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By Allan J. Sieradski

This article is an advent to topology and homotopy. subject matters are built-in right into a coherent complete and constructed slowly so scholars should not crushed. the 1st half the textual content treats the topology of entire metric areas, together with their hyperspaces of sequentially compact subspaces. the second one 1/2 the textual content develops the homotopy class. there are lots of examples and over 900 routines, representing a variety of trouble. This ebook may be of curiosity to undergraduates and researchers in arithmetic.

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1(i)] jK is the fixed point set of some semifree Z pl. action on Dn, where n is any integer satisfying n = k mod 2 and n > 2 k + 2. It suffices to show that K k can be chosen so that p f d K ) # 0 and (i) holds for k, at least if k > 6; the restrictions of the Jones actions to S"-1 then satisfy (i) and (ii) (note that (i) holds for dK by duality). , 1) in the notation of [25]). Denote the com­ plement of a small coordinate disk in Ls(q) by L%{q), and let K k = Dk~5 x Lo(q) with suitably rounded corners (compare [13, Sect.

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