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By Samantha Henderson

Conflict the forces of darkness within the Forgotten Realms®

Two angels given mortal flesh are despatched to protect star-crossed fanatics, born scions of rival service provider homes. initially, it seems as if love will overcome all, and the rift will eventually be mended. yet there are those that hate the be aware peace with a fondness a lot that it poisons every little thing they contact, corrupting condominium to show opposed to condo, mom to show opposed to baby, and angel to show opposed to angel.

Dawnbringer is the precise meld among vintage and modern myth, with colours of Romeo and Juliet, instructed from the viewpoint of father or mother angels, in a global the place sorcery and monsters are commonplace.

From the Paperback edition.

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It was swiftly tossed down, and he held the blue glowball up high, surveying the bags Ivor had thoughtfully piled together, the singed and shattered steps, and the strange, tattooed body. Under his breath he muttered something in his native tongue. “Go up and help with the cargo, and then rest. ” He laid his hand on Gareth’s shoulder in a friendly gesture. Gareth steeled himself not to flinch. He nodded, aware of the tickle of the small metal links against his chest. Ping carried no weapon, but tiny scarlet specks were scattered thickly over his cuff.

Once his eyes adjusted to the gloom inside the tavern, he spotted Ivor talking to the innkeeper, a dwarf of gloomy mien and a magnificent braided beard. Ivor dropped a couple of coins in the dwarf’s palm and nodded to Gareth. He had sold two of the tattooed creature’s rings to one of the least dishonest jewelers in the Mulmaster gold district—evidently his education in a merchant town in Turmish had given him a fair instinct for when he was being cheated. The platinum coins would bring unwanted attention, he had told Gareth, especially with the possibility of Helgre on the loose, so they had divided the elongated coins between them and used the proceeds from the rings for day-to-day expenses.

Off balance and clutching both hands to its breast, it staggered against the wooden board at its back. This was no time to hesitate; with only a breath and a slight back step, Gareth thrust his blade through the creature’s sleeve, down and under the top of its rib cage and into the space where he hoped its heart would be. He must have guessed right or hit some vital organ regardless, because the creature opened its mouth in a final inarticulate cry and its body spasmed, almost pulling Gareth’s sword from his hand.

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