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By Tanure Ojaide

Literature continues to be one of many few disciplines that replicate the studies, sensibility, worldview, and dwelling realities of its humans. modern African literature captures the African adventure in background and politics in a multiplicity of how. Politics itself has come to intersect and effect on so much, if now not all, features of the African truth. This dating of literature with African people’s lives and types the atmosphere of this examine. Tanure Ojaide’s Indigeneity, Globalization, and African Literature: individually talking belongs with a well-established culture of private reflections on literature by means of African artistic writer-critics. Ojaide’s contribution brings to the desk the viewpoint of what's now well-known as a “second new release” author, a poet, and a involved citizen of Nigeria’s Niger Delta area.


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What is significant is that these human aspects could be linked to the politics of the place or time. In many countries, politics interferes CONTEMPORARY AFRICA AND THE POLITICS 37 with the private lives of people. For instance, while South Africa may be more liberal on gay lifestyle, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Uganda, for instance, are conservative and in some cases passing legislations against homosexual practice. This is bound to affect some people and should be seen as part of the intolerant African society.

It is necessary from the start to draw parallels between human and national experiences arising from the history of colonialism, political independence, developing country status, culture, economic and social issues that contemporary African countries share. It is from these common experiences that writers draw not only their materials but also express their feelings and thoughts and project their respective visions with the background of their respective national and individual particularities.

Other writers lament failed national aspirations. Gone are the days when writers reflect on nature and describe the serenity of the environment as in J. P. ” Many are now more likely to criticize the environmental degradation and how the environment and its resources have become politicized and wasted by the politically powerful at the expense of the local communities as in the Niger Delta area. Conclusion Contemporary Africa’s political direction in the New Millennium has not attracted as much literary forays as those periods of African history that had to do with nationalist struggle, postindependence, apartheid, corrupt civilian leadership, coups and military dictatorship, civil war, and civilian autocracies.

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