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He recognizes himself in the image of the others in a form that is identified, modified, and oppositional or antagonistic according to whether it concerns his own group or different groups, friends or enemies. Lived experience is thus constituted as a singular dialectical unity o f differences and contradictions which express the real activity of social differentiations and contradictions in the subjectivity of individual consciousness including the various possible errors and confusions. In short, the individual can address himself only insofar as he is a social being, as having already received in himself the form of social reciprocity.

The manipulation of stone, however, as opposed to that of wood, presents a particular difficulty: it is not possible to break a stone with the hands. It can, of course, be notched or chipped with the teeth, but the procedure is painful and inefficient. It is probable that the anthropoid ancestor and consequently the Australanthropus of the first prehominid stage had recourse to breakage.

In other words, it continues to function only as an object for direct manipulation. The use of a second instrument to act on the raw material is only possible at the moment when the preparation of the instrument occurs in the absence o f the biological object, which is replaced by its simple representation. In fact, in such a situation, the raw material as object of the need to transform it into an instrument, becomes dominant in the dynamic field of perception, which allows it to attract a third object as an intermediary.

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