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The Syntax-Morphology Interface: A Study of Syncretism (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics)

Syncretism--where a unmarried shape serves or extra morphosyntactic functions--is a chronic challenge on the syntax-morphology interface. It effects from a 'mismatch', wherein the syntax of a language makes a selected contrast, however the morphology doesn't. This pioneering publication offers the 1st full-length examine of inflectional syncretism, proposing a typology of its prevalence throughout a variety of languages.

The Abject Object: Avatars of the Phallus in Contemporary French Theory, Literature and Film

This booklet addresses representations and buildings of masculinity in drawback in modern French tradition when it comes to very important suggestions – the phallus (largely yet no longer exclusively in (a) Lacanian sense(s)) and abjection (Kristeva). Scrutiny of those strategies informs readings of a couple of texts – literary (Bataille, Adamov, Doubrovsky, Houellebecq, Rochefort, Angot) and cinematic (Ferreri, Eustache, Godard, Noé, Bonello) – within which the abject phallus is a major factor.

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