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"Organic Synthesis: technique and keep watch over is a sequel to Stuart Warren's bestseller natural Synthesis: The Disconnection strategy. The 'Disconnection' ebook targeting the making plans at the back of the synthesis of compounds. the 2 issues of this new booklet are technique and regulate: fixing difficulties both by way of discovering another technique or through controlling any verified technique to make it work." "The ebook is divided Read more...

content material: advent: selectivity --
Making carbon--carbon bonds --
Carbon--carbon double bonds --
Stereochemistry --
practical team strategy.

natural Synthesis: process and regulate is the long-awaited sequel to Stuart Warren's bestseller natural Synthesis: The Disconnection process, which checked out the making plans in the back of the synthesis of Read more...

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COCl) 2 DBU HO2C 2. CH2Cl2 HO2C H 74; 80% yield H MgBr 3. mol% Fe(acac) 3 75; 87% yield; 78:22 diasts CO2Me O H 76; 75% yield; juvabione References General references are given on page 893 1. T. Mukaiyama, Organic Reactions, 1982, 28, 203, C. H. Heathcock in Morrison, Volume 3, 1984, page 111. 2. S. Masamune, S. K. Ali, D. L. Snitman, and D. S. Garvey, Angew. , Int. , 1980, 19, 557 (see the footnote on page 558). 3. J. E. Dubois and M. , 1967, 4215; J. Chem. , Chem. , 1968, 1567; Bull Soc. Chim.

The proton marked H in 84 is between two carbonyl groups and so is easily lost to form a stable enolate. 29 O O OLi 1. Me 3SiCl, Et 3N O 83 H O Cl 2. 30 When the product 87 is worked up, it loses CO2 in the usual way, making this a synthesis of ketones 88. e. the disconnection 88a is now acceptable. 2x LDA OLi R R –CO2 RCOCl CO2H O O OLi 85 H CO2H 87 86 88 R C–C O R + acylation H 88a Cl H O Enamines and silyl enol ethers The best enamines for acylation seem to be those of morpholine. 31 O O O N O O O Cl + 17 1.

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