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By R.E. Gawley, J. Aubé

The realm is chiral. lots of the molecules in it are chiral, and uneven synthesis is a vital capability during which enantiopure chiral molecules will be received for learn and sale. utilizing examples from the literature of uneven synthesis (more than 1300 references), the purpose of this ebook is to give a close research of the criteria that govern stereoselectivity in natural reactions. it is very important observe that the references have been every one separately checked by means of the authors to make sure relevance to the subjects lower than dialogue.

The research of stereoselectivity has developed from problems with diastereoselectivity, via auxiliary-based tools for the synthesis of enantiomerically natural compounds (diastereoselectivity via separation and auxiliary cleavage), to uneven catalysis. within the latter example, enantiomers (not diastereomers) are the goods, and hugely selective reactions and sleek purification recommendations permit coaching - in one step - of chiral elements in ninety nine% ee for plenty of response varieties.

After an evidence of the elemental physical-organic rules of stereoselectivity, the authors offer a close, annotated thesaurus of stereochemical phrases. A bankruptcy on "Analytical tools" offers a serious evaluation of the commonest equipment for research of stereoisomers.

The authors then stick to the 'tried-and-true' layout of grouping the cloth through response style. hence, there are 4 chapters on carbon-carbon bond forming reactions (enolate alkylations, organometal additions to carbonyls, aldol and Michael reactions, and cycloadditions and rearrangements), one bankruptcy on discounts and hydroborations (carbon-hydrogen bond forming reactions), and one on oxidations (carbon-oxygen and carbon-nitrogen bond forming reactions). best references are supplied to average product synthesis which have been comprehensive utilizing a given response as a key step.

In addition to tables of examples that express excessive selectivity, a transition nation research is gifted to give an explanation for - to the present point of knowing - the stereoselectivity of every response. in a single case (Cram's rule) the evolution of the present concept is distinctive from its first tentative (1952) postulate to the present Felkin-Anh-Heathcock formalism. For different reactions, basically the at present accredited reason is gifted. exam of those rationales additionally exposes the weaknesses of present theories, in that they can not continuously clarify the experimental observations. those shortcomings offer a problem for destiny mechanistic investigations.

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If the object is enantiomorphous to its mirror image, it is reflection variant. Relative configuration: The configuration of any stereogenic element with respect to another. Relative configuration is reflection invariant. The relative configuration of pairs of stereogenic units in the same molecule may be described as R*, R* or I if they have the same CIP descriptor, and R*, S* or u if they are different. ) The term can also be used in an intermolecular sense as follows: if the two molecules contain stereogenic units abcd and abce, and if e and d both sit on the same heterotopicface, the two stereogenic units have the same relative configuration.

Introduction. Double asymmetric induction: See asymmetric induction. 25 Dunitz angle: See Biirgi-Dunitz trajectory. E, Z: Descriptors for the arrangement of ligands around double bonds. On either end of the double bond, the group of highest CIP rank is identified. If the two higher-ranking groups are on the same side of the double bond, the descriptor of the stereoisomer is Z (zusammen = together); if on opposite sides, E (entgegen = apart). See also cis, trans isomers. For enolates, some authors modify this rule such that the OM ligand (anionic oxygen with its metal) takes the highest priority.

For enolates, some authors modify this rule such that the OM ligand (anionic oxygen with its metal) takes the highest priority. See E(O), Z(O). " ph~Me Z isomers: Ph'/"~N~OH Ph/~BrMe Ph/'~'NMe Ph~NOH Ph~/MeBr E(O), Z(O): Descriptors for the arrangement of ligands around enolate double bonds. The standard E/Z stereochemical descriptor is modified such that the OM group is given priority over the carbonyl substituent, independent of the metal and the other substituent [93]. , synperiplanar). See also bisecting conformation, eclipsing strain, torsion angle.

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