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By J.N. Davidson, Waldo E. Cohn (Eds.)

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There remains the question, why methylation was the most mutagenic of all alkylations in RNA (@), while the ethylating agents were generally found to be the most effective mutagens in double-stranded DNA. 26. ROLE OF CONFORMATION I N CHEMICAL MUTAGENESIS 21 riLosyl bond at N-9 is vcry lubile w l i ~ i :iL incthyl group quaternizes the N-7 positioti, but :tccording to ittost :iuthors it is less cffected by an ethyl 101). 2), or to more rapid testing of the alkylated samples. As a consequence of the protecting action of double-strandedness, side reactions play a much greater role in DNA and may account for a great part of the inactivating and mutagenic events obtained with reagents affecting the amino groups.

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