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By Shere Hite

Publish yr note: initially released April 1st 2009

In this most modern Hite record, Dr Hite examines friendship and paintings relationships among ladies. She explores quite a few definitions of such friendships: what are the boundaries, does it comprise intercourse? - and units those of their ancient, societal and relatives contexts.

And with excessive profile media stars comparable to Madonna, Britney Spears and Ellen de Generis very publicly exploring the character of woman friendship and girls all over wondering its nature, Dr Hite's largely researched findings couldn't be extra well timed.

The a number of Hite stories (on male and female Sexuality, the family members, and intercourse and company) have offered over 60 million copies around the world.

The instances lately named the preliminary Hite document, The Hite file on lady Sexuality, as one of many a hundred key books of the 20 th century.

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