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This booklet offers uncomplicated versions of delivery in non-stop media and a corresponding physique of mathematical process. actual themes contain convection and diffusion because the least difficult types of shipping; neighborhood conservation legislation with resources because the basic framework of continuum mechanics; excellent fluid because the easiest version of a medium with mass; momentum and effort shipping; and at last, loose floor waves, particularly, shallow water idea. there's a powerful emphasis on dimensional research and scaling. a few themes, resembling actual similarity and similarity ideas, are conventional. moreover, there are rate reductions in keeping with scaling, resembling incompressible circulate as a restrict of compressible movement, and shallow water idea derived asymptotically from the total equations of loose floor waves. extra and deeper examples are provided as difficulties, together with a chain of difficulties that version a tsunami impending the shore. the issues shape an embedded subtext to the publication. each one challenge is via a close resolution emphasizing procedure and craftsmanship. the issues show the perform of utilized arithmetic because the exam and re-assessment of easy yet crucial principles in lots of interrelated examples.

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12 • Similarly N the angle between ';D(l)and ~ (l) is proportional d- 11 • The wryness tensor fKLis a measure of the relative orientation of two neighboring triads. = <8 ~ k , G =. 8 . 7) This last linear approximation makes the assertion particularly clear. When the direction N is constant throughout N B, N K:L. = 0 and ( 1. 5. 8) so that det rKJ.. = 0. ,u. may not posses an inverse. r =Jdet C Kl. = dY J Deformation and Motion 30 as in the classical theory, since the rotation of directors does not affect the length changes.

Mathematically it is an expression Axioms of Constitutive Theory 63 of the continuity requirements on the constitutive functionals. Physically it is the realization of the fact that intermolecular and binding forces are of short range and the atoms and molecules are not greatly affected by the forces of their distant neighbors. The axiom of neighborhood is a statement of locality. The general mathematical statement of the axiom of neighborhood was formulated by Eringen [1966 a] • Here we proceed to give the result for the case called smooth neighborhood.

1) where the subscript X accompanying a vertical bar indicates N that X is held constant in the differentia tion of f . 2) only. 4) where (}= l~i"" [kt, •] = ~ 'i! 'ln' ( 'h '·' + \h t,h- \l ") is the Christoffel symbol of the second kind, [~1n,~] being the first kind. f • Following ( 1. 6. 6. 9) Dk a a II k ~ =_Jt + 'V'· u Dt t ;2 e Two important lemmas for the calculation of the time rates of sundry tensors of micropolar continua are given below Lemma 1. 6. 10) follows from the fact D/Dtand mute.

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